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MMK’s Marketing is to be a connecting bridge between Korea and the Middle East
when it comes to introduction and promotion about each society to another society.

It covers governmental activities&events, media exchange, educational initiatives, cultural
performances&exhibitions hosting etc.
This activity comes from a belief that cultural gaps between Korea and the Middle East can be reduced by
increasing promotional event exchanges. It helps us feel closer to each other and brings better understandings
beyond politics, economy, cultural & environmental boundaries.
MMK’s Marketing Events
Coordination with Media
1. Khatwa, a social program from Abu Dhabi Media, UAE
: Special 2 episodes about Korea ON-AIR Nov 20 and Nov 27, 2013
2. Amaken, 3rd season, a special documentary program from Tawazon TV, UAE
: Focused on specific theme about Korean education, healthcare, industry and culture
3. Ask Ali - Duroob, a special TV show from Abu Dhabi Media, UAE
: Special episode about unique culture and tourism and its significance of media content
  development of Korea.

MMK’s Entertainment is to create more opportunities for people from the Middle East to meet world-leading
K-POP, K-WAVE, and K-CULTURE. This comes from a belief that Entertainment activities can be the most
powerful channel to lead Middle East people deeper into Korea and to foster their interest and understanding
about Korean culture and society.
MMK’s Entertainment Events
MMK’s Entertainment Events 1
INFINITE 1st World Tour Concert “One Great Step” in Dubai
(Dec 06, 2013)