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Partner Hospital

Seoul National University Hospital

Seoul National University Hospital Gangnam Center, SNUH GC for short, is one of the branches of the
SNUH Group, which prides itself on having the highest brand awareness in South Korea. SNUH GC is a
medical check-up center focusing on early diagnosis and health promotion. Our distinguished and
experienced medical staff provides our clients with high class medical services such as customized
physical examinations, treatment, lifestyle modification, health promotion and travel vaccinations,
among others. In addition, SNUH GC has international medical team comprising 15doctors and four
medical coordinators.

Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Medical Center is an advanced general hospital with 7,396 staff members, including
1,297 doctors and 2,333 nurses. SMC is equipped with a total of 1,960 beds, 40 departments, 10 specialized centers,
and 120 specialized clinics. Since SMC opened in 1994, SMC has become Korea's representative medical
institution. It has provided medical treatments for 16 million outpatients and 800 thousand inpatients,
and SMC is giving treatments to an average of 8,000 patients daily.
SMC is leading to make further developments in the medical field in Korea and is planning to build the
Samsung International Medical Center by 2015.

Asan Medical Center

ASAN Medical Center(AMC) is The largest medical institution in Korea with a total of 2,700 beds.

Having performed 57,000 highly sophisticated surgeries per year, AMC ranks No. 1 in the number of
surgeries of thirty(30) major diseases as well as in the number for six(6) most common cancers and organ
transplantation. The International Healthcare Center is a dedicated department for international patients in
ASAN Medical Center.

We understand living away from home, in an unfamiliar place, can be very unsettling. That is why our staff
puts your comfort and your welfare first and foremost.

Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine

The Hospital was established by Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Company in 1994 provides medical service
to 40,000 patients yearly based on its philopophy of “Cure the Root Causes”. Since the very beginning,
we are dedicated to meet patient’s health and wellness needs.

To achieve this goal, a wholistic, patient-oriented approach is promoted. Western medicine makes accurate
diagnosis and effectively addresses a wide range of health issues. Traditional Korean medicine leads you to
better health by strenghening and awaking natural healing forces. There are divers and specialized centers
and diversity of special clinics such as, O-Haeng Wellness Center, Pain Rehabilitation Center and Health

Check Up Center. O Haeng Center specizlizes in Medical Aesthetic, Immune disease and Obesity.
Korean traditional aesthetic is not the treatment of surgery or inserting other ingredients to the skin.

Our “Petit Facial Acupuncture” or “Intensive Care Facial Acupuncture“ treatment is inserting
the acupuncture needles into dermis and muscle layers and gives the excellent effect of face lifting,
whitening, wrinkle resolution, minimizing pore.
Obesity treatment consists of herbal medicine, electro-lipolysis acupuncture, carboxy and detox
therapy. We also runs in hospitalization program who wants to focus on diet in a short time.
Immune disease such as rhinitis, allergy, insomnia and indigestion are also treated with acupuncture
for blood circulation, moxibustion to improve immunity and detox therapy to strengthen metabolism.

Cha Gangnam Medical Center

Global Life Science Medical Group
CHA Gangnam Medical Center, CHA University, one of the most respected medical and health care
providers, which was founded in 1960, established over 15 global network branches of medical services
throughout Asia and the United States.

The hospital is renowned for its outstanding OB/GYN and high success rate of the Fertility Center.

We also provide highly specialized diagnostic and treatment procedures with the most up-to-date medical equipments with remarkable doctors in internal medicine and surgery.


The future of personalized healthcare is here.

We invite you to explore an extraordinary new experience of life, luxury and ideal health.

Through Chaum’s early detection system (including DNA analysis), Chaum can help prevent cognitive and
physical diseases as well as reshape your chronic health contidiongs. With this personalized, science-based
approach, you will receive everything you need for enduring health. You will alson benefit from the unique
application of the newest and finest therapies from around the world. Chaum’s combination of Eastern and
Western medicine will provide the best possible options for your care.

Through our international network of doctors, you will be able to enjoy exclusive professional follow-up care
when you leave Chaum. Chaum has established a remote video treatment consultation service as well as a network of affiliated hopitals overseas.

Kangskin Clinic

It is an aesthetic clinic founded by ChaumKangskin clinic which has thirty years of history and tradition.

We provide systematic professional service based on years of research results, abundant clinical data and
knowhow of System Skin Care. We provide a ‘one on one’ customized medical skin care for each patient
according to thorough diagnosis and consultation by dermatologist.
We promise our customer a satisfactory result with our exceptional professional care program, medical
treatment and home care guide/consultation by professional.

Seok Plant Dental Hospital

SeokPlant Dental Hospital is a leader in its field. With a wealth of clinical experience in the field of implants,
our staffs at SeokPlant Dental Hospital take pride in our many success stories in the industry.

Custom Implants
In the past the tendency has been to choose implants for patients. However due to our many years of experience we have learned that customizing the perfect implant to exactly fit our patients is the best course of action. We provide immediate implants, one day implants and laser implants depending on the needs of our patients to help provide them with the best possible service.

Staff members with a wealth of experience and complete medical know-how
All of our staff here at SeokPlant Dental Hospital has many years of experience in the field of dental implants. We strive to provide our patients with the perfect implants to fit there medical needs.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

We safely bring you beauty with our know-how and experience
Our skills and knowledge will guarantee your satisfaction.

Your smile is our motivation
Aesthetic beauty involves more than jus changing the outward apperance.
we strive to bring out the inner beauty within you, bringing balance and total satisfaction. Our clinic has
provided a vast amount of specific individual consultations over 20 years, and we will contines to do so.
We strive to be the no.1 beauty medical group in Asia not only in terms of size but also in customer
satisfaction. We at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group will continue to treat our patients with warmth and
compassion just like family.

365mc Obesity Clinic

Seoul 365mc Bariatric surgery center is hospital-grade medical institution for the first time in Korea that
practices only obesity surgery. A hospital-grade medical institution can be licensed when it meets medical
law on the standards and specifications such as size, staffing, equipment, systems compared to the clinic.

Procedures Offered
Bariatric Surgery
One-Stop Obesity Treatment System
365mc bariatric surgery center only performs obesity surgery which is a 15-story hospital-grade medical
institution designed with optimized equipment and process of obesity surgery 365mc bariatric surgery
center is divided into three centers for pre-operation examination, operation, and lap-band filling and from
the pre-operation consultation to post-op filling is one stop system. Also, our dedicated professionals
provide you a personalized service.
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