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Korean Language Study

But after taking the 2002 World Cup, wisely overcoming the financial crisis, and finally as chair of
G-20 to 2010 G-20 Seoul summit were successfully held in Seoul Korea, world is throwing started
to pay attention.
Various features of Korea’s deep-rooted culture, tangible and intangible, pervade every corner of Korean society
to this day. The Korean wave that began with Korean dramas has now developed into a general affection for
Korean culture and language, and the recent popularity of K-Pop demonstrates that the Korean wave is not
simply a Korean phenomenon but rather a truly global wave.

Studying in Korea, a rising cultural hub of Asia where tradition and modernity have joined harmoniously, students will be able to develop the leadership and insight necessary to lead humanity towards a better future.
Why study to Korea?
  • Great Education Environment&top education level in the world
  • Safe living environment
  • Rich Culture & Dynamic Life
  • Low Tuition & Living Cost
  • Intensive language course available
  • Beautiful campus life
Why through MMK?
General information for your Korean language learning course
Total services for preparing application & documents (including VISA)
Campus dormitory or off-campus accommodation guaranteed
MMK’s orientation for adapting to life in Korea (Halal food, Mosque)
News updates about events and activities in Korea
Arab community in Korea
Ongoing management and total care service
1:1 personalized counseling
MMK’s exclusive tour program available
Airport Pick-up and sending service
Supporter’s care service (Regular meeting with student)
Hotel and serviced apartment booking service
Korea University
The Most Enjoyable Language to Learn Korean! Twice the joy – The Korean Language and Culture Center at Korea University
Kyung Hee University
The Institute of International Education is an insititute that specializes in providing intensive Korean and internation...
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